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Wherever you are team meeting
Who we are?

We are a team of three (you guessed it) remote workers from the Netherlands and Canada.

Wherever You Are started with an idea and a conversation in Indonesia, and quickly launched as a new leading source for remote workers and remote companies to connect.

Jurgen Bosch
Our business and financial guy (and he is also a great developer). He created and sold his first web development business by age 28, moved to Miami for 1 year and is now currently in a new co-working office in Deventer, The Netherlands. He likes to use his last name as a reason to call himself the boss.
Niek Jansen
Our front-end designer and developer. He worked for 7 years in advertising and developing in the Netherlands before packing his bag to start life as a digital nomad in Asia. He now develops websites for several companies, apparently from the beach as he never Skypes us in a shirt.
Angelica Siegel
Leads marketing and communications. She comes from a branding and writing background in Toronto, Canada, and ended up in the Netherlands after traveling and working in Asia and Europe in 2016. She works from a home office/cafes in the Netherlands, and is learning Dutch so that she can remind Niek and Jurgen to do their timesheets in their native language.
Wherever You Are You are here

Whether it’s from your home office, a cafe across town, or a beach on the other side of the world, being a remote worker means you really do work from wherever you are. While a lot of people make this look like the dream life, remote workers know it’s not all glamourous! Remote work comes with its own challenges, and finding good jobs & resources can help you stand out in an increasingly competitive industry.

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, we are here to help.

Wherever You Are You are you

Wherever You Are lets you build a profile to showcase who you are, because we know you’re more than just what your resume says. With remote work growing in demand, and more people choosing the remote work lifestyle, we want to help you want to stand out and get the jobs the you want.

Completing a profile only takes a few minutes and allows us to curate jobs that match all of your skills, so you don’t miss out on finding that perfect contract. Companies can also view your profile and reach out to you if they feel your skills match what they’re looking for.

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Wherever You Are You are growing

Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Business News and more have already observed the benefits of expanding your team to include remote employees. Talent exists around the world, and with the right tools and systems in place, someone outside of the office can help grow your business beyond it’s four walls.

Sometimes quality is better than quantity – post a job opening here and we’ll notify you if any of our existing users match the skills in your job. You can also create a basic company profile, to let remote workers know what you’re all about. We recommend uploading a video, an existing sales/introduction presentation, or good description so that you get noticed by the most qualified and relevant candidates.

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