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Why we are using Laravel for Wherever You Are

I was approximately 12 years old when I developed my first website. The website was made out of tables and cells and my editor with nothing more than good old Notepad on an old PC.

At the age of 17, I started my first company called Prodes — Internet Partner. The company started with graphic design and building websites. After a while one of our clients asked whether it would be possible to edit his own website.

Back in the days there was no winner in the CMS space (and WordPress was still just a blogging tool) so we created our own CMS, and ProCMS was born! The system worked pretty well but after a while systems like WordPress & Joomla were offering more than we ever could.

In 2013 we changed the focus in our company and moved away from our own CMS into WordPress for websites and Laravel for software. The first version I worked in was Laravel 3 and right from the beginning, I fell in love with it!

After doing one project in CakePHP, which always felt like a struggle, Laravel was a blessing. It felt so intuitive. Everything is named the way you would expect it to be, it is super fast and highly scalable.

Here are Wherever You Are, Niek Jansen is the other developer. He felt the same about Laravel the first time he worked with it and he has been working with it ever since as well.

Although the choice for Laravel might be a obvious one, as developers we like to improve ourselves and we like to challenge ourselves. That is why we will be developing Wherever You Are API-based for the backend and we’ll be using VueJS for the front-end.

As this is the first time for both of us to built a full project with VueJS (after doing a couple of small projects that included VueJS) we will probably question ourselves a couple of times but I’m sure we will get there!

Whatever happens… We’ll keep you posted about it!